Multicultural & Art Fest – Wednesday, March 8

We are thrilled to announce that Crossfield will have a Multicultural & Art Fest on Wednesday, March 8 from 6:30-8:30 pm hosted at our school!

We will be celebrating all the great diversity we have in our school. The entire Crossfield community is invited and we hope many families will volunteer to interactively represent their wonderful culture, by either showcasing it in an exhibit booth or by a performance through music, dance, storytelling, etc. Stay tuned for more information and a sign-up genius to help support this new community event.

Committee Volunteers Needed (Sign-up Today): For this amazing event to occur, we are recruiting volunteers to plan, create, and implement all the logistics involved for their committee. More details on committees and roles can be found here: Crossfield United Multicultural & Art Fest Please sign-up ASAP!