2022 Holiday Giving at Crossfield

You Can Offer Hope to Families in Need

If you would like to help some of the Crossfield families in need of holiday assistance this year, please follow these instructions:

Purchase a gift card(s) to Wal-Mart and/or Target (preferably in $20 increments).

Write the amount on the gift card.

Bring the gift card to Crossfield’s main office by Friday, December 2, 2022

How to Inspire Kids to Give 

It can be challenging for kids to see how donating money is meaningful. A few easy, stay-at-home ways you can provide your children inspiration for giving include:

Read books about the importance of giving. Some examples include: Those ShoesThe Spiffiest Giant in TownThe Gift Inside the BoxWhat Is Given from the Heart, or Under the Lemon Moon

Have a family movie to watch a film that encourages the spirit of giving (after checking commonsensemedia.org, of course). GandhiThe Ultimate GiftPollyannaBatkid BeginsPay It Forward or Millions, to name a few.

After your children feel inspired, you may be able to encourage them to include a few dollars from their own piggy bank to help with holiday giving at Crossfield.

For more information, please contact Lea Fadden at ltfadden@fcps.edu.