Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week
You may have already received, or will soon be receiving information from your Room Parent regarding Teacher Appreciation Week (TAW). TAW will be held from May 6-May 10, 2013. The Teacher Appreciation Week Committee has planned several events in honor and recognition of the Crossfield Teaching Staff utilizing the funds that were collected. For reference, the activities planned will include all Teachers -- from the main classroom teachers, to the "Specials" Teachers, Special Education Teachers and Teaching Aides. Crossfield currently has 88 Teaching Staff members. The specifics of each day's events should be included in the information from your Room Parents. 
There are a couple of events that require volunteers and your Room Parents should have sent out or will be sending out the information and sign-ups for your classes. As a reminder, the sign-ups are posted below. Additionally, there is an opportunity to have your children include personal messages of gratitude or appreciation for the Specials Teachers and Special Education and Teaching aides. A link to the survey monkey that will be used to collect these messages is below as well.
Lobby and Classroom Door Decorations -- Friday, May 4
Volunteers are needed on Friday, May 4 to decorate the classroom doors and the lobby in advance of the start of Teacher Appreciation Week on Monday, May 6. Please consider volunteering:
Volunteer to Give the Classroom Teachers and extra 30 Minutes of Free Time -- Thursday, May 9
Each of the 30 Main Classroom teachers will be given the gift of time as part of the events scheduled on Thursday, May 9. In order to give them this additional 30 minutes, we need 2 volunteers per class to cover the class for those 30 minutes. For the teachers that it is not feasible to give an additional 30 minutes of Prep time (54 Crossfield Staff Members) they will be receiving a $5 Panera gift card with a note that says "You Deserve A Lunch Break -- Thank you for all of your Acts of Kindness." Note, the teachers are very excited to have this extra time, but we need the volunteers to cover the class so please sign-up! The sign up genius for this effort is listed here:


Wall of Appreciation -- Survey Monkey

Finally, in order to be inclusive of all of the Teachers, there will be a Wall of Appreciation in which at least one personal message of gratitude or appreciation will be included for each of the 54 teaching staff that is not a main classroom teacher. The survey monkey link that will be used to gather these sentiments is below:
The TAW Committee is excited to recognize all teachers this year in fun and cohesive ways. Thanks again for your support. Please contact Julie Dann at jlyndann@gmail.com with any questions.